Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect when I call to make an appointment?

One of our clinicians will talk with you for a few minutes to find out what you’re looking for and who on our team best meets your needs. During this time you can specify your requests, such as if you are looking for a female or male therapist, what time or day of the week works best for appointments, and if you plan to use your insurance coverage. We will then schedule you with the therapist that is the best fit for you. You will be asked to provide an email address for us to send you an invitation to our secure client portal where you can fill out the information needed for your first appointment.

What happens at the first appointment?

Your therapist will introduce themselves and welcome you into the office. If you are planning to use insurance, they will make a copy of your card and collect any copays. You will be asked to provide more detail about the nature and history of your concerns, including any prior treatment you may have received. This is called the assessment session. Once the appropriate information is gathered, your therapist will provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Discussing treatment is a joint process in which you are an active participant and will be able to decide which options sound best to you. You can then schedule future follow-up appointments with your therapist.

How does payment work?

If you are using insurance, your therapist will collect any copays at the time of your appointment. Your therapist will then bill your insurance for the session, and if there are any unmet deductibles or coinsurance, we will notify you when you come in or send you an invoice. If you are not using insurance, the full amount for the session will be collected at each appointment. Reduced fees or payment plans are available on a limited basis.